Invisalign and metal braces same time?

Answer You need to get an opinion as to whether the two jaws can be done at separate times. If so, you could do the metal braces first, and when they come off do the Invisalign. While it might be possib... Read More »

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Braces and retainer at the same time?

Yes, get the retainer ONLY if you have the teeth well justified.Good luck!

Can you wear spacers and braces at the same time?

No, the anchor bracket goes in the back where the spacers are.The spacers make room for the anchor bracket to slide in with ease.

Braces or Invisalign?

I would get braces,invisalign is only good for small problems and it cannot fix overbites or anything like that and it actually takes longer to work then bracesalso you may forget to put in the inv... Read More »

The invisalign braces?

To me they don't feel really bad I just felt force on my teeth