Intravenous Patient Teaching Checklist?

Answer Intravenous (IV) therapy is achieved by gaining access to a patient's vein and injecting fluids or medications directly into the bloodstream. This process allows for faster response to the required... Read More »

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Patient Transfer Checklist?

In the hospital setting, patients sometimes need to be transferred to different wards in order to receive different kinds of care. In order to avoid medical mistakes and to speed along the process ... Read More »

Patient Teaching Resources?

Teaching health care patients requires a high level of patience, sufficient resources and cross-cultural competency. While some methods of patient teaching are simple, inexpensive and fast, others ... Read More »

Patient Teaching Methods?

Nurses, physicians and other health care providers teach patients as a part of providing treatment and care for many health conditions. Because these providers are limited in the time to teach pati... Read More »

Patient Teaching Tips?

Educating patients about their conditions and treatment helps patients accept and participate in their care. Establishing open communication with patients and making sure they understand what forms... Read More »