Intranet Vs. Client Server Systems?

Answer To remain competitive, corporations have to capture and deliver mission-critical corporate information to their employees' computer desktops quickly and efficiently. Intranet and client server sy... Read More »

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What is a server in a client server environment?

One computer in a network generally requests information from another; the computer making the request is the client, and the computer that's returning the data--"serving" the data, so to speak--is... Read More »

What is client/server?

A network is multiple computers connected to share resources such as printers, files and communications. Networks require a way to control operations. Network operating systems such as client/serve... Read More »

What is the definition of client server?

The term client-server describes a type of network configuration in which several workstations use a central server. In essence, a central hub provides a service to networked computers.ClientThe U.... Read More »

What Is the difference between a client and server?

The "client" is a workstation or a desktop in which the individual, or user, executes applications. A "server" acts as a managing system for the hard drives and printers and monitors the traffic of... Read More »