Intranet Vs. Client Server Systems?

Answer To remain competitive, corporations have to capture and deliver mission-critical corporate information to their employees' computer desktops quickly and efficiently. Intranet and client server sy... Read More »

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What is a server in a client server environment?

One computer in a network generally requests information from another; the computer making the request is the client, and the computer that's returning the data--"serving" the data, so to speak--is... Read More »

What is client/server?

A network is multiple computers connected to share resources such as printers, files and communications. Networks require a way to control operations. Network operating systems such as client/serve... Read More »

A Description of a Client Server Network?

Since the dawn of computer networking in the 1960s, client server networks have served as mainstays for data exchange and global commerce. Client server networks are by far the most popular network... Read More »

What is a client/server model?

Two computers are involved in the client/server model. One requests data and acts as the client. The other returns the data requested, or "serves" it, and is considered the server. These interactio... Read More »