Intestinal Blockage in a Shih Tzu?

Answer Intestinal blockages in a Shih Tzu can occur in either the small or large intestine. All ages of dogs are susceptible to this condition, and should be treated immediately by a veterinarian. Intesti... Read More »

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The Treatment for Intestinal Blockage in a Cat?

Intestinal blockage in a cat occurs when the cat swallows a foreign body that cannot pass through the digestive tract. Cats commonly eat objects other than food. Larger objects cannot pass through ... Read More »

Can exercise cure intestinal blockage in dogs?

Dog intestinal blockage is always considered a serious condition where treatment usually involves a physical examination by a veterinarian and the possibility of surgery to remove intestinal blocka... Read More »

Can a woman who has had surgery for intestinal blockage safely give birth?

On One Hand: Risks of Vaginal BirthUnfortunately, not many studies specifically address the risks of attempting a vaginal birth after a previous surgery to remove an intestinal blockage. Some physi... Read More »

Intestinal Diseases That Include Thickening of Intestinal Wall in Dogs?

Thickening of a dog's intestinal walls can be a sign of various illnesses and diseases. These diseases have numerous symptoms and treatments, and your veterinarian will be able to help you decide o... Read More »