Interview about the childhood?

Answer I'm a baby boomer. Here are my thoughts:Major events: Cuban missile crisis, the moon landing, JFK's assassination, and the civil rights movementFads: bell-bottom pants, granny dresses, "make lov... Read More »

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There are two schools of thought on answering this question. One is that you don't actually use the word "weakness" when you answer. You want to be positive, so the key is to find a weakness you ha... Read More »

Qoutesssss about childhood?

once you thought that the world is perfect, its filled with rainbows and butterflies; but now, you think of the world as a black hole that is forcing you into a place called reality.

What are some songs about childhood?

What are you planning to use them for? We did a beautiful power point about childhood last year (only used with our kids and their parents, not a commercial production) and used My Wish by Rascal... Read More »

Why won't husband talk about bad childhood?

Possibly because he doesn't want to revisit a time that he feels he has left behind. He may have already had counseling and has resolved the issue. Otherwise, he just doesn't feel the need at this ... Read More »