Interview Thank-You Etiquette?

Answer When conducting a job search, most candidates place emphasis on an impressive resume and good interviewing skills. One step that should never be overlooked in the process is sending a thank-you not... Read More »

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Phone Interview Etiquette?

Phone interviews are a popular way for employers to screen potential employees. With preparation and practice, you can develop etiquette skills for phone interviews so you excel during the intervie... Read More »

Name Tag Etiquette?

If you've been invited to a business convention, or will be hosting a similar event soon, it's important to be aware of name tag etiquette. Creating and wearing name tags correctly will help collea... Read More »

Spa Tip Etiquette?

A spa experience can be relaxing and invigorating, but when you arrive at the counter to pay for the services, don't let your peace be shattered by confusion about tip etiquette. By knowing what i... Read More »

Perfume Etiquette?

Scent stands out strongly to our senses and in our minds. The smell of one's perfume has the potential to entice or irritate. Know how and when to wear it. Does this Spark an idea?