Interpersonal Skill Building Activities for Teens?

Answer With highly developed interpersonal skills, teens can more effectively work cooperatively. Building these skills, however, can be a challenge, particularly if dealing with teens who shy away from i... Read More »

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How to Teach Presentation and Skill Building?

After Unit Opener we have Presentation. In presentation there is mostly Grammar skills which should be given by teacher to a student and after every presentation we have skills building or practice... Read More »

Interpersonal Classroom Activities on Multiple Intelligences?

In his theory of multiple intelligences, psychologist and Harvard professor Howard Gardner defines eight intelligences that students excel in or apply to learn. The multiple intelligences include l... Read More »

Spatial Skill Activities?

Spatial skills are extremely important to a person's development all the way through adulthood. These skills help them understand relationships between the physical locations of people and objects.... Read More »

Classroom Icebreakers & Skill Activities for English?

Making students comfortable on the first day of class can be useful in creating a positive learning environment. By taking time to do a few icebreakers, a teacher can help students become more com... Read More »