Internet still wacky?

Answer happens to me while ago

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Can someone still tell what you've been viewing on the internet even if you delete the internet history?

stop looking at porn and you wont have to worry about that !!!!!!

Can i use a separate phone contract with free internet sim in a new iPhone 3GS and still use the iPhone on its internet for free?

depending on what plan you go on could be between 30 and 70 pounds

Can I still use a router if my internet is off?

definitely not for Internet usage........!!!A router is a device that forwards data packets between computer networks, creating an overlay internetwork. A router is connected to two or more data li... Read More »

Why do people still use Internet Explorer?

I am a recent Firefox convert. There are more features that I like with Firefox than I do with IE7. For eg, I like having multi-tabs set as my home pages, meaning when I first load Firefox the va... Read More »