Internet page looks weird! HELP!!!!!?

Answer then I'd suggest you to update your Java and adobe flashplayer to latest version

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How do you save videos from the internet to the computer not an internet page?

If it is a YouTube video, there are many sites that specialize in that (like Otherwise look in your Temporary Internet Files directory and sort contents by largest file size to easil... Read More »

I can't get into my excel spreadsheet it just shows a blank page & then when I click weird stuff?

If this is a previously saved Excel Workbook file, then it may have been corrupted in some way.And when you say "then when I click weird stuff", does that mean that no matter where you click weird ... Read More »

Please help my Firefox is being weird (internet) !!!?

I had this EXACT same problem myself, except on GoogleChrome, not Firefox. what you need to do is make Google your default browser, meaning whatever you search, Firefox will automatically search it... Read More »

Just had a weird internet connectivity problem?

Classic symptom of keyloggers and remote administration toolkits. I suggest scanning your computer with a very strong anti malware product like sophos, kaspersky, and malwarebytes. Free trials ar... Read More »