Internet is connected but doesn't work...?

Answer u should call your internet provider :( this happens to me !

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Why doesnt internet work?

I almost guarantee it is one of three things.1. Try a different browser, all you have listed is firefox, does it do the same thing with internet explorer, or google chrome? There is malware design... Read More »

Why doesnt internet work cont...?

I just posted on your previous question on this issue so you may want to check that out. Also I forgot to mention to try this as well. Open start - in the run window (or search) type "CMD"black c... Read More »

Internet doesnt work on Google Chrome?

I would suggest that you uninstalled and reinstalled your Antivirus as it seems to be the cause of the trouble.…Or perhaps it could be your Firewall block... Read More »

Why won't my HTC Eris's internet work when it shows it is connected?