Internet help please!!!!!!!?

Answer the security pin on the router is for wps, its not the password to your routers homepage and its not your wifi password, try using admin as the user name and password as the password, make sure eve... Read More »

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Question about internet download speed. (internet connection, please help)?

your plan is 2 megabits .......not megabytes....1 megabyte = 8 megabits1200 KB = 1 megabyteso take 2 divided by 8 comes out to 0.25 megabyteswhich ='s 250 KB/sif you go to www.speedtest.netthere is... Read More »

How do i connet my dsi to the internet help please oh and what is a ssid i already have the router i need help?

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, and its basically the name of your wireless connection. On your dsi there should be an option to search for the name of your router automatcally, then you ju... Read More »

Internet help please?

A wireless router does not use any connection - per se - that's why it is wireless. What you ususally need to do is hook you broadband internet connection to the modem supplied by the vendor. Then... Read More »

Internet Problems help please?

Hey!There is most likely a virus on your Laptop. Run a scan and check if you have any sorts of virus in there. If not, un-install your browser and re-install it again. If that doesn't help, see if ... Read More »