Internet cuts out every 5 mins?

Answer any time something has changed it is usually the first thing to check if problems occur. Two things to do.- check with your ISP - they will have logs on your connects/disconnects and can confirm if... Read More »

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My supermarket fishmonger told me to bake my whiting fillets for 7 mins but im seein 20 mins as the norm onlin?

the baking time all depends on how thick the fish fillet is.There is no set time because all fillets are not the exact same thickness.In general, when frying fish, an inch thick fillet takes about ... Read More »

My dad changed my Internet access to 10 mins each day. I can't live like this. How do I change it to normal?

Wow that really sucks....excuse me while I spend my next hour or so talking to my cool friends on Myspace and Facebook.

I am going for a beer in 5 mins what shall i have 5 mins to answer?

Guinness Stout... the breakfast of champions.

Why Does My Internet Connection Cuts Off Every 10-to 15 Minutes....?

1. Your modem/router could be faulty.2. Your wireless reception could be faulty3. Your ISP's internet line could be faulty.4. Your phone line filter could be faulty.5. Your latency could be slow (n... Read More »