Internet connection says local only?

Answer Has it connected to this network before?Please open a cmd prompt and type ipconfig /release press enter.Once it has finished type ipconfig /renew and press enter. Check the connection.If that does ... Read More »

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Can I connect on the internet from my local library wireless connection?

I'm not sure, but they probably won't help you acessing their wireless from home, it's not something they probably want to get involved in and it is desinged for library patrons.1 mile away or slig... Read More »

Why Does Local Area Connection Cable Unplugged Come Up While I'm Still Connected to the Internet?

If your computer has both a wireless network adapter and an Ethernet port, Windows configures two separate connections. In Windows versions older than Windows 7, a separate icon for each connection... Read More »

Only 1394 connection shows in network connections. I no longer see local area connection on my dell pc, why?

You are having network card problems. Probably the device driver isn't installed. Remove the device from your device manager and then it will find it again and reinstall the driver for it. Shoul... Read More »

Why won't my wired local area connection work but my wireless connection will?

check your laptop's Ethernet driver is properly installed or not,and also check the ip configurations.