Internet Modem Vs. Router?

Answer Upon subscribing to an Internet service, you are often provided with a modem. A modem is the basic tool you need to receive a wired Internet connection. Modems are used in all Internet connections ... Read More »

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Do you have to have a modem to connect to the internet or just a router?

You can have a modem on it's own because it is the device that actually transmits the information to and from the internet network, but you cannot have a router on it's own (modem is a shortened fo... Read More »

I Have slow internet Should i replace Modem OR Router?

Check your connection speed WIRED to your router first. Turn ALL wi-fi OFF=IF you get an increase in speed, THEN you may have a wi-fi interference problem. Other users, either known or pirates, a... Read More »

Does your Router or Modem determine your internet speed?

The equipment doesn't determine the connection speed, the service you pay for does. Comcast offers various tiers of service. Perhaps you pay for the cheap, slow speed, and your friend pays for th... Read More »

Do i need a modem to browse internet.i have a wifi router?

If you have a DSL internet connection then yes, you will need a DSL modem. But, why spend money ? All DSL ISP's give you a modem in custody which you'll use, so if your ISP didn't give you one chan... Read More »