Internet Lag After Resetting Modem?

Answer This cane be caused by a few reasons, which I will list:1) Someone on your router is using a bandwidth intensive application. ( Torrent downloads and other such programs that cause concurrent conne... Read More »

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I'm trying to install Dell Dimension E510 ethernet/internet modem to use broadband, but after downloading?

The driver you mention is for a Ethernet network interface.It is not a modem, you will still need a DSL modem or gateway to connect to your DSL service.Here are the Dell driver files and instructio... Read More »

My iphone keeps telling me that my password is wrong, even after resetting it and syncing up. I cannot send em?

Plug into your computer and reset it that way. Either that or go to your local Apple store or call Apple themselves and they will be more than happy to help you.

Can I use my LG 260 as an Internet modem for my PC?

No, you cannot be use your LG 260, also known as the LG Rumor, as an Internet modem for your PC. The LG 260 lacks the necessary network-data capabilities of other Sprint phones, such as the Samsung... Read More »

What is an Internet modem?

An Internet modem is any type of computer program or component that allows a computer to receive and transmit data over an Internet connection. Information transmitted over an Internet network is f... Read More »