Internet Keeps Dropping lately...?

Answer An accumulation of adware, spyware and tracking cookies may cause this problemhttp://www.superantispyware.comRegistry issues can also cause these types of internet failures.CCleaner from http://www... Read More »

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How to Restart Wi-Fi When Your Internet Keeps Dropping?

The reasons why your Wi-Fi Internet connection keeps dropping can be numerous. Usually, it is because your wireless router was rapidly turned off and then back on, such as during a power outage. It... Read More »

Any clues why my iPad keeps dropping out of the internet whilst trying to sign into Yahoo?

Steve Jobs is trying to log back into this mortal coil, and has chosen the Moley-Foldey IPO as his portal. You should feel honored.

Windows 8 keeps dropping my wifi?

Windows 8 wouldn't cause that, maybe your router just sucks.EDIT: Even if those aren't the problems, the OS wouldn't have anything to do with the internet.

WIFI. This is going to sound like a blonde Q. My BT hub keeps dropping out?

Strange, when my BT hub kept dropping out it was because it was crammed in a corner getting no air and overheating. If yours is dropping out and its well ventilated then i would first check the plu... Read More »