Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Answer Firefox 3.1, the latest version is simply amazing coz of its new look (almost looks like a mac/vista), new features like fast dial (similar to the one in opera).Firefox is more secured than IE. So... Read More »

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What Internet Browser would you rather use FIREFOX,SAFARI,INTERNET EXPLORER ?

Internet Explorer, but my university we have Firefox.

Wich Internet Program Do You Use EG: Firefox, Internet Explorer?

Mainly Firefox but sometimes use IE depending on what I'm doing.

Firefox or internet explorer 8?

Defientally Mozilla FireFox. Microsoft Internet Explorer has too many "holes".Edit: Mozilla FireFox is WAY more reliable that Internet Explorer 8. More add-ons, and a better browsing experience.

Firefox and Internet Explorer?

You could use both, but one of them will be default browser.You decide.I sugest Firefox.Internet Explorer is bad.U could use Firefox themes to make look like Internet Explorer if your afraid of new... Read More »