Internet Explorer URGENT problem virus !?

Answer It is completely ok that IE to have multiple processes It is called Multiprocessing :)I suggest you to Upgrade to IE9!!(Run windows Update! )And try resetting IE once Read More »

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SuperHub Virgin Media problem. Turned internet off on Modem Mode. Please read details! URGENT?

Perhaps you disabled the wireless, connect with a cable and try again

Problem with internet explorer?

Hi Elsie,Experience has taught to stay well away from the beta versions; as Microsoft isn’t reliable at the best of times. It seems to have started from those with SP3. Quite often when trying to... Read More »

Internet Explorer Problem?

Usually when Internet Explorer crashes it is due to an Add-On issue. Open IE without Add-Ons and see if it keeps crashing. (Click on start and type Internet Explorer on the search bar and you shoul... Read More »

How to Fix a Virus on Internet Explorer in Windows?

Computer viruses frequently infect computers through the Internet when the user visits a website contaminated with malicious programs. The website installs the virus to the computer without the use... Read More »