Internet Explorer URGENT problem virus !?

Answer It is completely ok that IE to have multiple processes It is called Multiprocessing :)I suggest you to Upgrade to IE9!!(Run windows Update! )And try resetting IE once Read More »

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SuperHub Virgin Media problem. Turned internet off on Modem Mode. Please read details! URGENT?

Perhaps you disabled the wireless, connect with a cable and try again

Internet Explorer Problem?

Usually when Internet Explorer crashes it is due to an Add-On issue. Open IE without Add-Ons and see if it keeps crashing. (Click on start and type Internet Explorer on the search bar and you shoul... Read More »

Hai guyz, is internet explorer a virus?

Awesome question!!You should never use IE as your default browser...The thought of using it is scary.Just do what your girlfriend tells you to do and everything will be fine.

How to Fix a Virus on Internet Explorer in Windows?

Computer viruses frequently infect computers through the Internet when the user visits a website contaminated with malicious programs. The website installs the virus to the computer without the use... Read More »