Internet Explorer 7 will not allow access to a site needed for my studies. What can I do?

Answer Are you receiving any error messages? Maybe try to restore the browser to defaults. Goto tools/internet options/ and i think the advanced has the restore defaults.If that doesn't work, post an erro... Read More »

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When I start my Internet Explorer, it directly goes to www.nsl-org like site.Whereas I want Yahoo site soon.?

In IE on the menu up top, click Tools > Internet Options. When this opens up, on the "General" Tab, in the top section, change this URL to whatever you'd like. Make sure you click "Apply" for the n... Read More »

How do I know a site is secure with Internet Explorer 7?

Start Internet Explorer 7 on your computer. Navigate to the website you have to check. Click the menu "Tools" in Internet Explorer, and choose the option "Phishing Filter." Click "Check this Websit... Read More »

How do I access Facebook with Internet Explorer 6?

Open Internet Explorer 6. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Enter "" into the address bar at the top of the Internet Explorer Window, and press "Enter."... Read More »

How to Access Internet Explorer History?

Internet Explorer keeps track of all the websites you have visited in the past, as long as the history hasn't been cleared or deleted to free up disk space on your computer. The Internet Explorer h... Read More »