Internet Chat Abbreviations & Their Meanings?

Answer Instant messaging using the Internet and cell phone technology requires rapid communication. Sometimes it's easier and less expensive because of text messaging charges to use shorthand rather than ... Read More »

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Computer Memory Abbreviations and Full Meanings?

Computer memory refers to the computer components that temporarily store program and document data while the computer is used. RAM and ROM represent the main types of computer memory.

Abbreviations for Yahoo! Chat?

Yahoo! provides both chat rooms and instant messaging services to its users. The Yahoo! Chat culture includes its own slang and abbreviations. If you are unfamiliar with these acronyms, it can seem... Read More »

Meanings of symbols next to friends on facebook chat bar thingy?

the green dot represents that they are online while the mobile symbol represents they are currently offline but was seen before the shown time i.e 1m ,1h etc active now means they are chatting

Is there any app that will let me video chat between me on my htc evo and a friend using gmail video chat from their computer?