Internet Browsers take ages to load?

Answer Get a better connection. You are on dial up I presume?If you have a good connection, your computer may have a virus that slows and prevents your connection from running smoothly. If you can take y... Read More »

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My internet works but None of my internet browsers work?

When I was a teen I fixed my own computer problems, if you ask me, the older crowd are the ones who need "step by step"

What are some good internet browsers?

Following are the good internet browsers.Google Chrome: World's #1 ranking web browser in speed,smart,secure browsing.Google Chrome makes web pages load faster and makes your downloads faster.It ... Read More »

Internet Browsers That Support Meez?

Meez is an online social website aimed at teenagers and young adults. Using an avatar, you can "visit" rooms created by other users. To use Meez, you must have Java installed and a browser that sup... Read More »

How to Turn on Javascript in Internet Browsers?

JavaScript, also known as ECMAScript, is the most popular scripting language on the internet, it is BUILT-IN to Browsers, in some cases needs to be ENABLED, and is found all major browsers, such as... Read More »