International Franchise Restaurants?

Answer A franchise is defined as a contract formed by a successful company (the franchisor) receiving a fee for giving other businesses (the franchisees) guidance and the ability to use their trade name. ... Read More »

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The Best Marketing Techniques for Franchise Restaurants?

Franchise restaurants have the advantage of established brand recognition thanks to the marketing efforts of franchise corporate marketing departments. However, individual franchise restaurants mig... Read More »

How to Determine the Elements of International Custom Under International Law?

Under Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, customary international law is stated to be one of the sources of international law. Here is how to determine the elements of ... Read More »

International Relations & Public International Law?

International relations is the study of interactions among international entities or organizations around the world. These interactions include foreign affairs, treaties, wars and any other issues ... Read More »

If they have Hooters restaurants, why don't they have Butts restaurants?

Haha!... Well... if there was a restaraunt or BBQ place that sold 'boston butts'... They could name a restaraunt like "Butts Restaraunt." There's a restaraunt in Panama City Beach, FL named "Dirty... Read More »