Internal bleeding in the rib area ! Worried please help.?

Answer You should not delay any longer, get to a doctor or an emergency room. This could be serious !

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Omg! please help! may have a srioues problem! please help really worried!?

You have a concussion. Go to the doctor immediately.

Internal bleeding, recovery at home, research, help needed!?

sounds like its more serious than you have described. unconcious for 4 weeks usually related to other severe medical condition. depending on where you imagined the bleeding is from. if abdominal bl... Read More »

When is bleeding from the moath assosiated with internal bleeding?

Bleeding from the mouth typically isn't associated with internal bleeding. Internal bleeding normally results in bruising. However, bleeding from the mouth may be minor or can be a sign of somethin... Read More »

Please help!!! im worried and i need some advice or help!?

I'd say you could still be having those "BC" symptoms, all types of bc have different symptoms and some last longer than others...way longer than others. And another reason why you could be feeling... Read More »