Internal Voltage Levels in Microwave Ovens?

Answer Household microwave ovens in the U.S. operate on 120 volts. To actually create this form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, however, voltage supplied to the magnetron tube must be much highe... Read More »

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How to Install an Alternator with an Internal Voltage Regulator?

The voltage regulator maintains a predetermined alternator voltage output by controlling the amount of current going through the rotor windings inside the unit. Whether mounted away from the altern... Read More »

What voltage is needed for electric ovens?

Who makes GE microwave ovens?

GE microwave ovens are manufactured by the multinational corporation General Electric (GE). GE, which has been in business since 1907, is one of the largest manufacturers of appliances in the world... Read More »

Are microwave ovens harmful?

On One Hand: No Injuries Have Been ReportedThe FDA has no evidence of injuries occurring because of microwave exposure. While people have reported injuries related to microwave cooking, all reporte... Read More »