Internal & External Parts of a Computer?

Answer Functioning computers require only a small number of internal and external components to work properly. Once you assemble the basic parts, you can choose to add extra features to enhance the comput... Read More »

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What are the External & Internal Parts of a Frog?

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My internal hard drive is running out of space. Should I get an external or internal hard drive?

Well, the internal or external is really up to you. External is only limited by the USB speed, if your motherboard has Serial ATA, use it, tiny, easy to fit cables. External is only good, in my opi... Read More »

Internal & External Parasites?

Parasites are organisms that depend on the energy of a host to survive. Some parasites feed off of the substance of the host itself, draining blood and nutrients away for its own purposes. Other pa... Read More »

What is a internal or external ?

With the advent of externalexternalexternal hard drive enclosures and the ease of plug and play USB and Firewire connections, many people are asking themselves if they should buy an internalinterna... Read More »