Interfacing of microcontroller?

Answer Interfacing a microcontroller depends entirely on what you need to interface.Switch: Digital InputLED: Digital OutputVoltage In: ADC InputVoltage Out: PWM OutputTechnology Specific Controllers: I/... Read More »

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How to Print on Non-Woven Interfacing Fabric?

Screen printing enables you to print on many surfaces. The same technique can be used to print on fabric, wood, metal, paper and glass. The type of ink used to print an image will depend on the typ... Read More »

How to Use Interfacing When Embroidering on Caps?

Decorating caps with embroidery can personalize a cap, and using interfacing behind the embroidered surface adds strength and body to the embroidered area. The interfacing also makes it stiffer and... Read More »

Can I use cotton batting as necktie interfacing?

Cotton batting should not be used as the interfacing for a necktie. Cotton quilt batting is designed to be soft and lofty to bring warmth and dimension to quilted pieces. Neckties need the firm, al... Read More »

Why ADC is connected to microcontroller?

I can think of three reasons:1) More resolution is required. Perhaps the built-in ADC is 8 bits, but you need 12 bits.2) Faster conversion speed is required. The built-in ADC might have a 50 uS c... Read More »