Interesting Insect Collection Ideas?

Answer While many people shudder at the sight of an insect -- even if it is only an innocent beetle -- insects form a thick and vital strand in the web of life. An interesting insect collection can help e... Read More »

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Insect Collection Ideas?

Insect collecting is a fun hobby that many people enjoy. The act of finding and labeling the bugs is interesting and educational. There are many different ways to collect insects, and many ideas fo... Read More »

How to Get an Excellent Insect Collection?

While some people collect shot glasses or stamps, a large group of professional and amateur entomologists collect insects. (Entomologists are scientists who study insects.) Collecting insects invol... Read More »

How to Use a Sweep Sample for Insect Collection?

A sweep sample is a way to collect both small and large insects that dwell in tall grasses and underbrush using a net.

Insect Preschool Ideas?

Engage your preschool students' sense of wonder and discovery with a learning unit on insects. Incorporate bugs and other creepy crawlers into your lesson plans, and offer a variety of different ac... Read More »