Interesting Facts on Renaissance Clothing?

Answer The Renaissance period reflected an era of cultural explosion, characterized by the influence of classical theory on art, music, philosophy and refinement. Most notably, the Renaissance reinforced ... Read More »

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Renaissance Clothing for Weddings?

Incorporating a theme--like the Renaissance or medieval times--into your wedding creates a whimsical, and memorable, atmosphere at your ceremony and reception. Purchasing or renting Renaissance att... Read More »

What Was Renaissance Clothing Made Of?

Clothing in the Renaissance was made from natural fiber, with expensive silk, brocade, cotton and velvet being the fabric of choice for the extravagant, finely-made attire of the upper class. Most ... Read More »

What is the meaning of Renaissance clothing?

Renaissance clothing refers to the fashion of people living during the Renaissance era, which took place in the 15th century. Men typically wore tight-fitting clothes and short clothing on their up... Read More »

Interesting Facts on the Vampire Bat?

While it is true that vampire bats feed solely on the blood of other animals, they have often been subject to misconceptions and negative stigma in popular culture. Horror films have depicted vampi... Read More »