Interesting Facts About Tabla Drums?

Answer Tabla drums are a product of the long and beautiful tradition of Indian music. These drums come in a set of two. Tabla drums are hand drums. They are delicate and cannot be struck with sticks. Lear... Read More »

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Facts About African Tribal Drums?

In Africa, the drum is a means to communicate across distances, and also a vital part in religious and community rituals. Each tribe displays its own drumming styles as well as its own traditional ... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Elm Trees?

Elm trees originated in the ancient forests of Central Asia and gradually spread throughout the western hemisphere. During the 19th and 20th centuries, they were the shade tree of choice in Europe ... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Violas?

Violas, pansies and sweet violets are very closely related and all are classified as violas. Sweet violets grew wild in Europe and were later cultivated. Pansies were developed from mountain pansie... Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Metrics?

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