Interesting Experiments for Plants?

Answer There are many fascinating experiments involving plants and how they respond to light, environmental factors and different types of stimulation. Most experiments last a few hours to a few days and ... Read More »

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Experiments Using Bean Plants?

Beans are a common subject to experiment upon because the beans are easy to obtain and are inexpensive. Students also are able to observe plant growth over a fairly short period of time since bean ... Read More »

PH Level Experiments With Plants?

Plants are like humans; they need water to grow and survive. The hydrogen ion concentration or pH level of the water plants receive often determines their rate of growth. The pH level is acidic, al... Read More »

Science Experiments With Plants for Kids?

The natural world, such as the function of plants and the way they grow, is a source of wonder for many children and will be something they continue to study throughout their education. Have kids c... Read More »

Photosynthesis Experiments Using Geranium Plants?

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates using sunlight for energy. Geraniums are well suited for experiments and science fair projects invo... Read More »