Interent Tabs Question?

Answer 1. What browser are you use? (With a Question about browsers it would help to know what you are useing)2. The increisearch? is some add on you installed. You try to uninstall it3. Go to the se... Read More »

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How do i make my tabs have color ont hem (the tabs on the internet thing)?

Its in setting. u need to search the software to download and run it then whenever u tab cour come out... Good Luck try find in website k ^.-Vote me! ^.^

Mozilla Firefox 13, 14 has tabs problem. Do you have this problem too Blank tabs when session restored?

In Tools> Options> General> Startup: do you have "Show my windows and tabs from last time" displayed in the very top line?Also, under "Tabs", uncheck "Don't load tabs until selected".As a possible ... Read More »

Are people truthful on the interent..?

Well, possibly. I mean, its easier to open up and be truthful while typing then face to face.But, yeah, the opposite can apply. I have encountered both...keep an open mind, and always be a little w... Read More »

I steal interent, can I set up a wireless printer?

Yea you can try. But then they could also use your printer too if they find it.