Interactive Vocabulary Games for Middle School?

Answer Use classic children's books, such as "Charlotte's Web" or "Where the Wild Things Are," as well as more recent teen favorites, like "The Baby-sitter's Club" or "Goosebumps" to engage students' inte... Read More »

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Vocabulary Games for Middle School?

There are many challenges these days for the educator attempting to teach vocabulary. With the new social focus on brevity in text messages, Facebook and Twitter, students may be relying on fewer w... Read More »

Interactive Middle School Games for Run-On Sentences?

A writer forms a run-on, or fused, sentence when joining two independent clauses without proper punctuation or a conjunction to smooth the transition. The more sophisticated writing expected of mid... Read More »

Interactive Reading Games for Middle School?

Reading comprehension increases when the materials are interesting to the reader. Online reading games can help relax the learning environment while also entertaining readers so learning can take p... Read More »

Free Fun Vocabulary Games for Middle-Schoolers?

As a student progresses from elementary toward high school and college, strong vocabulary skills become increasingly important. Vocabulary skills are needed to write high school-level papers, colle... Read More »