Interactive Technology Games?

Answer Interactive technology games today come in a variety of formats, primarily mobile, computer-based, and console-based. The video processing capabilities and computing power of video game systems of ... Read More »

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What is interactive digital technology?

Interactive digital technology is a type of digital media in which the user's actions are tracked and react with the software as well as the hardware of a machine, such as a computer.TypesThere are... Read More »

The Types of Technology Used With Interactive Learning?

The view of what makes someone an educated person has evolved over the last decade. Inside the classroom, the new challenges are being met with interactive technology. These technological tools can... Read More »

How to Increase Attention Within an Inclusive Classroom Through Interactive Technology?

Talking about putting all levels of learners in one room with one teacher sounds good on paper, but a teacher must have resources available to accommodate all the learning styles in a standard clas... Read More »

How to Enhance Emergent Literacy Skills With Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard Technology?

Emergent literacy skills form the basis for later reading and writing. Recognizing pictures in a book and retelling stories are forms of emergent literacy skills. Smart Board technologies use an i... Read More »