Interactive Games for Erosion and Weathering?

Answer The Internet offers a wealth of interactive weathering and erosion games, ranging from "Weathering and Erosion Jeopardy" to virtual hangman, word search and crossword puzzles. "Rock, Paper, Scissor... Read More »

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The Difference Between Weathering & Erosion?

While the terms "weathering" and "erosion" are often used interchangeably, they have, in fact, very distinct meanings. The essential difference between the two is the motion of the rock. Weathering... Read More »

Weathering & Erosion Classroom Projects?

Weathering and erosion are natural phenomena responsible for occurrences such as land slides and rock falls. Teaching students about planetary forces such as weathering and erosion is an essential ... Read More »

Fourth-Grade Weathering and Erosion Activities?

Weathering, erosion and deposition, the processes by which wind and water wear away and redistribute soil and rock, are among the topics covered in the fourth-grade earth science curriculum. These ... Read More »

What Type of Rocks Can Form From the Process of Weathering & Erosion?

Mechanical and chemical weathering combine to attack any rock surface. The debris that builds up is often transported by wind or water erosion to a depositional basin where layer after layer accumu... Read More »