Interactive Activities for Writing Sentences?

Answer One of the goals in writing sentences with interactive activities is ensuring the learner knows parts of speech and appropriate punctuation. To begin, each sentence must have a subject and verb, ex... Read More »

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Lessons & Activities on Writing Sentences?

The ability to write correct sentences is a concept studied by students of all ages. To succeed academically, students must be able to form complete thoughts and express those ideas in writing. Alt... Read More »

Activities on Writing Super Sentences?

William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov and Harper Lee may have written vastly different works in disparate genres, but they could all create a great sentence. Even for young students reading their f... Read More »

Activities for 2nd Graders on Writing Complete Sentences?

Part of the second-grade curriculum involves teaching students to recognize and write complete sentences. This learned skill can be taught in a variety of ways. Teach students how to identify both ... Read More »

Expository Writing Interactive Activities?

Expository writing is about clarity. The goal of the writer is to explain, define, instruct or inform the reader on the topic being discussed. Before form is mastered, there is little room for crea... Read More »