Intense groin pain and soreness?

Answer I would highly recommend staying home and icing it, other than that there is not much else you can do. Try not to use it to much for the next few days.

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Intense right shoulder pain, what is it Please anyone that has a clue, plz answer. Going nuts in pain?

EDIT IN RESPONSE TO YOUR ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Okay, I'm sorry, I thought from your post that you were avoiding the doctor to date and you only did that at first LOL, but have been having it treated... Read More »

Pain Near my Groin Help!!?

Sounds like you pulled/stressed out a muscle. Happens to me in different spots from work occasionally, i usually get it in my chest and when i move any related muscle it's kind of a stabbing pain. ... Read More »

Serious Q regarding hip/groin pain...?…is a link you should take a look at. I think you have a groin pull injury, based on what you've written.However, since the injury was as severe as you sa... Read More »

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