Intellectual development of a newborn baby?

Answer Early environmental experiences help shape the development of the brain.

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How to Help a Three Week Old With Intellectual Development?

Intellectual development in babies ideally begins before birth with the proper nutrition, mental health and prenatal care on the part of the expectant mother. From birth and beyond, a baby's brain ... Read More »

Infant Intellectual Development Activities?

Not all babies develop at the same rate, but there is a general standard for development. Daily stimulation helps an infant to interact with and learn about the world around him. Social activitie... Read More »

Physical & Intellectual Child Development?

With autism rates rising worldwide, parents are becoming more concerned about their individual child's development and whether it is meeting normal standards against possible warning signs of the i... Read More »

What are the intellectual needs of a baby?

Stimulation of:Sounds(communication of people, toys that makes noises and the child being around things that talk e.g. TVColours(different toys (bright colours)ToysTextures(things which feel differ... Read More »