Intel vs. AMD. Is there a difference in performance Which is better?

Answer that's astonishing. the answer above with the AMD CPU and the fast heating up. i'm just using now an Intel P4 630 and this thing remains "ice-cold" (with a regular fan), even under heavy load. i've... Read More »

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What is the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel I3?

core i3 is faster than core 2 duo...Core i3 has graphics integrated on the cpu and it has hyperthreading meaning it can run up to 4 threads.

Which AMD processor have same performance as Intel Core2Duo?

You'd want to go with either an Athlon II X2 or, even better, a Phenom II X2. The main difference between the Athlon II X2 and Phenom II X2 is that the Athlon II X2 has no L3 cache (the Phenom II X... Read More »

Intel Mobile Processor Performance?

As of June 2011, the mobile processors -- that is, processors made for laptop PCs -- of semiconductor manufacturer Intel Corp. are mainly split into three categories: the low-end Celeron, mid-range... Read More »

How to adjust integrated intel graphic for high performance?

Integrated cards will normally not play 3D games well. If upgrading to different graphics card is not possible it is best to turn most of the settings in game to off/low. The next step will be lowe... Read More »