Integer Subtraction Rules?

Answer An integer is a whole number that is not fractional in any way, and includes positive numbers from one to infinity, zero and negative whole numbers. Subtracting two negatives or a negative from a p... Read More »

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How to Do an Integer Equation With a Variable and Subtraction?

Integers are the whole numbers, negative and positive, that appear on a number line through an infinite range. An integer equation is a mathematical statement that uses these integers to represent ... Read More »

How to Factor an Integer?

Factoring an integer is the process of finding all the other integers that divide into it evenly. Every integer is divisible by 1 and itself, thus every number has at least two factors. Integers ... Read More »

How to Replace X With an Integer?

Integers are whole numbers ranging from zero to infinity and can be positive or negative. The letter x, called a variable, represents an unknown integer in a mathematical problem. In an algebraic e... Read More »

Integer Multiplication Games?

Students in middle school learn how to multiply integers. Although the rules are not complicated -- same signs, positive answer; different signs, negative answer -- students often confuse them with... Read More »