Integer Multiplication Games?

Answer Students in middle school learn how to multiply integers. Although the rules are not complicated -- same signs, positive answer; different signs, negative answer -- students often confuse them with... Read More »

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Integer Games for Kids?

Integers are whole numbers and include all whole positive numbers, 0 and all whole negative numbers. Fractions and decimal numbers are not integers because they are not whole numbers. Two integers ... Read More »

Integer Games for Middle School?

Integers are whole numbers that do not include fractions or decimals and are expressed as either positive or negative. Integers include the natural numbers and the negatives of the natural numbers.... Read More »

Fun Multiplication Games?

Math can be one of those subjects that causes a frown to appear on your student's face. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, you are going to want to help your child learn his multiplication facts... Read More »

Games for the Multiplication of Twelve?

Games for the multiplication of 12 really help children in this stage of their studies. The 12 times table is not one that children can learn through simple methods as the zero, one, two and 10 tim... Read More »