Insurance Underwriting Job Description?

Answer An insurance underwriter determines the possible risk of providing insurance. Underwriters are key employees for insurance companies because their work assures profitability and lessens risk and un... Read More »

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Insurance Underwriting Questions?

You must always answer questions when you apply for insurance, and the type, amount and cost of the insurance depends upon the answers you give. The specific questions you must answer vary by type ... Read More »

Who regulates insurance underwriting?

Insurance underwriting is regulated by the state in which the insurance underwriting is registered in. Every state within the continental U.S. has a department of insurance administration that over... Read More »

Who oversees insurance underwriting?

An insurance underwriter essentially determines your coverage. The underwriter acts as a risk assessment manager for an insurance company, approving applications based on research and years of expe... Read More »

Insurance Underwriting Risk?

Each person that is insured under a policy represents a certain degree of risk for an insurance company. Underwriting is the process insurance companies use to determine the amount of risk a partic... Read More »