Instruments Used to Study Stars?

Answer For thousands of years, the stars have been a constant source of wonderment and fascination for the human race. In fact, cave paintings over 15,000 years old depicting heavenly bodies were found i... Read More »

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Instruments Used in a Lab?

Whether it's a school chemistry lab or a fully-equipped laboratory, there are some pieces of equipment that are common to all--these include instruments for measuring, protection and observation. T... Read More »

Instruments Used by Astronomers?

We all know that astronomers use telescopes to study the far reaches of space. But an astronomer's telescope would be useless without the instruments that measure and analyze the light that telesco... Read More »

Instruments Used in New Age Music?

New Age music is a contemporary genre inspired by the New Age spiritual movement. It is enjoyed by New Age practitioners as a means of complementing or enhancing practices like meditation, yoga or ... Read More »

Instruments Used in Physics?

Science students around the world take physics to learn about the properties of mechanics, electricity and optics. While physics experiments share much in common with other types of scientific work... Read More »