Instructions to Rebuild a Holley 4150?

Answer The Holley 4150 is one of the most widely used carburetors in Holley's extensive lineup of fuel delivery systems. Holley has even dedicated a video series to tuning, adjusting and rebuilding the 41... Read More »

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How to Rebuild a Holley 4150 Carburetor?

First produced in 1957, the Holley 4150 is a mainstay within the Holley carburetor family. Its 4-barrel, double-pumper design lends itself to street engines, drag cars and high-performance off-road... Read More »

How to Rebuild Holley Pro Series 4150 HP Carburetors?

The Holley 4150 HP series is designed to be highly tunable and flexible for a wide performance range. Four barrels are fed by spun boosters, adjustable air bleeds, a polished air horn and high-flow... Read More »

Holley 4180 Rebuild Instructions?

Built for the late-model Ford Mustang, the 4180 Holley carburetor is a 600-CFM, four-barrel carburetor with a single pump and dual center-hung floats. Considered to be a mid-size carburetor for str... Read More »

Holley 4412 Rebuild Instructions?

The Holley 4412 is a strong performing carburetor that comes from a long line of Holley performance products. Just as with other carburetors, over time the insides of the 4412 can become gummed up ... Read More »