Instructions to Put Coil Over Springs on My Shocks?

Answer If you are wanting to put the coil springs back onto the shocks assembly of your vehicle, then there are going to be slight variations between makes and models. However, much of the process will be... Read More »

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DIY Coil Over Springs With Stock Shocks?

In most cases when installing a coil-over kit the shocks should also be replaced as they have to be removed from the vehicle to install the kit. If the stock shocks have recently been replaced on a... Read More »

Signs of Bad Coil Springs & Shocks?

Bad vehicle coil springs and shocks negatively impact a vehicle's stability and can cause a host of driving-related symptoms. Designed to stabilize and reinforce a vehicle's chassis, coil springs a... Read More »

How to Install Coil Springs on Shocks?

On most vehicles, the front suspension is held up by a coil spring and travel is damped by a shock, but on some, they are one assembly, known as a coilover shock, or a strut assembly. To properly p... Read More »

How to Remove Coil Springs: Step-by-Step Instructions?

Coil springs are a part of the car's suspension system -- most notably on older model cars. They are a strong component, but not known for having a smooth ride. Not much more than extra large heavy... Read More »