Instructions to Making Mohawk Ponytails?

Answer A Mohawk can be a fun look for Halloween, concerts or special events. However, if you only want a to wear a Mohawk for a special event, you most likely do not want to cut your hair into a full Moha... Read More »

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How to Make Mohawk Ponytails?

The mohawk ponytail gives the illusion of a mohawk hairstyle without shaving the sides of the head. To do this, the hair on the sides must be pulled tightly so that it lays flat against the head wh... Read More »

Mohawk Laminate Floor Installation Instructions?

Mohawk laminate flooring is a great way to spruce up your home. It comes in a variety of wood types and board styles. A laminate floor can take the every day wear and tear that a family dishes out ... Read More »

Instructions on Bow Making?

Making a pretty bow intimidates many gift givers. Learning how to create a proper bow, however, transforms wreaths, gifts and many crafts into works of art. Take your time and learn the basics of b... Read More »

Instructions on Wig Making?

People wear wigs for a variety of reasons. Some want to achieve the look they want despite the limitation of present hair length, color or texture. Some need a wig to cope up with hair loss due to ... Read More »