Instructions to Make Lashes Stay Curled Up?

Answer Long, full eyelashes bring out the beauty of your eyes. When you curl your lashes it gives them the illusion of being longer than they actually are. After a while, the curl falls, just like the cur... Read More »

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How do i keep my lashes curled all day?

I use to have the same problem. My eylashes were so long and pretty, but they were straight. I would curl them and the same thing would happen, they would go back to being straight in like 2 hours.... Read More »

Tips to Get Lashes Curled?

Eyelashes frame and accentuate your eyes. You can draw attention to your eyes, by curling your lashes. To accomplish this, there are various different methods you can use, some of which last longer... Read More »

Why Don't My Eyelashes Stay Curled?

Eyelashes are hair. Your hair type has a lot to do with how much curl you can get from your lashes. Understanding what makes hair curly or straight can help you tackle challenges you have curling y... Read More »

How to prevent lashes from falling out when curling lashes and taking off mascara?

Use vitamin e oil in addition to serum and vaseline. Also, when taking off mascara be gentle. Take a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover and gently apply to your lashes then swipe away.