Instructions on how to disable Vista sync center.?

Answer ok, you're obviously having (or were having) problems with this program. please advise what problems, and why you want it gone. i hate vista. got this 'puter a month ago or so and i'm still not ... Read More »

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How to Disable a Windows XP File Sync?

The XP file sync feature in Windows XP allows users to continuously update files without being present at the computer. This feature is highly useful for office and businesses. The files are update... Read More »

How do i remove sync center from the taskbar?

Click on the "Start" icon and select "Control Panel." Choose "Classic View" from the left side of the window. Double-click on the "Taskbar and Start Menu" icon. Click on the "Notification Area" tab... Read More »

How do I disable Security Center?

Click the "Start" icon in either Windows Vista or XP, and then click "Control Panel." Switch to classic view if necessary, and double-click the "Administrator Tools" icon. Double-click the "Service... Read More »

How to Change Sync to Directory Windows Mobile Center?

The Windows Mobile Device Center has the ability to synchronize with a folder on your computer with a Windows Mobile device such as a Pocket PC or phone. By default, the folder used for file synchr... Read More »