Instructions on Where to Put Cleaner in a Cat's Ear?

Answer Cats are so independent and self-sufficient; it’s easy to forget that a part of their regular care should involve weekly ear maintenance. It is indeed important to routinely inspect a cat’s ea... Read More »

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Why are cats afraid of the vacuum cleaner?

they might not know it is a vacuum cleaner, especially if they are blue eyed (blind), and think it is a predator because of the noise

Instructions for Post-Op Neutered Cats?

Neutering is a surgical procedure that renders a male cat infertile. It is similar to a vasectomy in human males. Getting a cat neutered helps to decrease the population of unwanted cats in your ar... Read More »

Instructions for Handcrafted Toys for Cats & Dogs?

Cats and dogs make wonderful family members, but they also come with a cost. Though cat and dog toys might not immediately break the bank, spending money on them over time can add up. Make your own... Read More »

Electronic Air Cleaner Cleaning Instructions?

Electronic air cleaners are used inside HVAC systems in your home. As air moves through the cleaner, it passes through a filter and then through electrically charged cells that use static attractio... Read More »