Instructions for the Large Scale Composting of Wood Chips Into Mulch?

Answer Compost has a wide variety of uses, from an ingredient for potting soil to a top dressing or soil amendment. But compost can also be used as a mulch to smother weeds around ornamental plants and tr... Read More »

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How do I use wood chips for mulch?

BasicsUse chips that include a variety of sizes ranging from under 1 inch up to 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Chips from diseased elm and oak are safe because they will not spread disease once chipped... Read More »

Are hardwood chips okay for mulch?

On One Hand: Wood Chips HelpfulAccording to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, any kind of wood is good for making mulch, including hardwood. Once you mulch the wood, it will no longer ... Read More »

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What is a large scale map?

By necessity, features on a map appear smaller than in real life. Even with a bit of simplification, large scale maps show real-life features in some detail. That is, the features appear relatively... Read More »