Instructions for the Cobb AccessPORT?

Answer The Cobb AccessPORT is a portable device that connects to your car's engine computer unit, or ECU. It uses maps, which are sets of programming instructions for the engine computer, to update and ch... Read More »

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How to Use Cobb Accessport?

Cobb Tuning produces the Accessport tuner that optimizes a car's electronic control unit for performance gains. The Cobb Accessport is suitable for modern high-performance cars made by Mazda, Mitsu... Read More »

How to Install Cobb AccessPort?

The AccessPORT from Cobb Tuning is a handheld ECU tuner that can reprogram your car's standard tuning to give you performance gains without having to upgrade any components within your vehicle. It ... Read More »

Where did Ty Cobb go to school?

Hall of fame baseball player Ty Cobb grew up in Royston, Ga., where he received his only formal education. Against the will of his father, William Hershel Cobb, an educator, school administrator an... Read More »

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